Natural Herbal Gout Care and Relief.

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All of us who suffer from gout struggle to find any way of making sense of our condition.


We know that there is no cure but how can we know if what we are doing is truly controlling it.


With your own Uric Acid Meter you can monitor your Uric Acid levels as regularly as you wish and look for patterns that can help you take control.


We have one meter that checks your Uric Acid and Glucose levels, and another that additionally checks your Cholesterol levels.


Since 1998 GoutCare has been helping gout sufferers to a gout free life.

GOUTCARE (GC) is a natural dietary supplement with no known side effects from any of the food herbs used; they have been shown to have additional health benefits.


The herbal blend helps keep the uric acid soluble enabling the body to naturally expel it.


While some people have relief overnight, most gout sufferers will experience relief in two to five days. The length of time depends on the severity of the attack, liver condition, kidney clearance, recent use of antibiotics, water source, and your overall general health.

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GoutCare 90 capsules per bottle


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Water, probiotics and an alkaline based diet are important in the fight against gout.


The World Health Authority recommends drinking 2.75 litres of non chlorinated water daily. This keeps the body hydrated so the excess uric acid in the blood can easily be removed preventing a gout attack.


Probiotics restore the good bacteria in the gut helping in the fight against infection.

Our probiotics are micro encapsulated and they contain 2 million bacteria with strains which help both the small and large intestine.

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  • Helps stop Uric Acid build up for good.

  • Provides safe and beneficial food based herbs.

  • Helps to keep uric acid soluble and assists the body in naturally expelling it from the system.

  • Manufactured in the USA in FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities under strict quality control.

  • Pharmaceutical grade ingredients. GMO free.

  • Satisfaction GUARANTEED or your money back

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How good is GoutCare?

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If you look at your uric acid metabolic process (The cause of gout) as a 1pt glass, then let us  assume that when you are young your glass is 1/3 full.


After years of eating foods that are high in purines your glass fills to 7/8th full.


If 1pt is the level that results in a gout attack, an average meal in purines may bring you up to just under 1pt but luckily your body within 4 to 6 hours can brings it back down to 7/8th full.


However one day the uric acid rises above the rim of the glass and you are now under a gout attack.


With the initial low purine diet, correct water intake and GC capsules you can successfully bring that glass back down to 1/2 pt. It will never go back to 1/3 again, but at 1/2 pt you can now manage your uric acid levels and avoid future gout attacks.


We send you all the information you need to follow the above program. 

Gout & Goutcare

  • Initial strict diet whilst under attack

  • Ongoing awareness of the effect of food purines and diet.

  • Drink plenty of non chlorinated water.

There are 3 parts to managing your gout with GoutCare (GC), all of which are carefully described in the information that we send you with your order.


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90 Capsules per bottle approx 1 month supply

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GoutCare is manufactured in the USA by Tishcon Corp under strict FDA guidelines and under Good Manufacturing Practices. 

It is also GMO free.