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Gout FAQs

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Q: What is gout?

A: Gout sufferers have a lack of a sufficient amount of the digestive enzyme uricase which helps to make the uric acid soluble therefore making it easier for the body to remove.

Q: What herbs are in GoutCare?

A: The herbs in GoutCare are Food based and consist of the following: Artichoke, Saponins from Yucca root, Aged-odourless Garlic (allium sativum), Turmeric, and Certified 80% Silymarin from Milk Thistle.

Q: How long does GoutCare take to work?

A: While some people have relief overnight, most gout sufferers will experience relief in two to five days. The length of time depends on the severity of the attack, liver condition, recent use of antibiotics, water source, kidney clearance, and your overall general health. It is important you read all the dietary and other information we send you.

Q: Once an attack is gone what kind of diet can I expect to eat?

A: By establishing a proper working digestive system, then all foods in moderation can be eaten without the fear of a gout attack. Our herbal blend will help bring the digestive system back on track, and keep it there as long as we (gout sufferers) maintain a good balance of the foods we eat. Your daily diet should include some selections from the list of healing foods, balancing each meal to keep the "bad" foods in moderation, continuing with proper water intake according to your weight, and taking the herbal capsules everyday to help expel the excess uric acid that we produce in our bodies.

Q: I have gouty arthritis... I live with pain all of the time in all of my joints. My uric acid level is VERY high, will the Goutcare bring down my uric acid level?

A: While the uric acid liquefied level may not lower right away, the crystals in the joint will be dissolving and you will be free from the pain in the joints within a few days. Your count would be many times higher in the blood than it is during an attack, if the uric acid was not crystallized in your joints. The crystallized uric acid does not show up in your count because it is not in a liquid state in your blood supply. The more it crystallizes, the lower your level becomes, and of course the more it crystallizes, the more pain you have to live with. Our herbal blend will help rid your body of excess uric acid and stop it from crystallizing.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A:. Less than 1/2 of 1% experience any negative side effects at all and the only side effect experienced in that small percentage has been an upset stomach. We recommend that if you experience an upset stomach make sure you take the GoutCare with your meals.

Q: What is sour dairy?

A: Sour dairy is a milk based product that has been transformed by the active cultures Lactobacillus / Acidophilus (yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese). These cultures are in our system and have everything to do with good bowel clearance. It is this bacteria that causes the molecular break down of the foods we eat in order to extract the nutrients from it. This process starts in the intestines and our vitamins and minerals are absorbed through the intestinal walls. Unfortunately we as a nation kill this friendly and vital bacteria off daily. Penicillin is taken in by meats we eat through feeds, chlorine (pools, baths, drinking water), fluoride (water and toothpaste), bleached flours in food products and many medications. So it is important for everyone to replace this bacteria daily. This is vital for the gout suffer because we need to absorb the herbal blend and to expel uric acid to the maximum levels our system can handle.

Q: Do I have to take Gout Care forever?

A: This depends on your diet, how many attacks per year, alcohol intake, weight, etc. There are so many factors involved with the onset of a Gout attack which would involve the avoidance of so many foods and general lifestyles, that we highly recommend the daily intake of the Gout Care herbs to insure a Gout free life.

Q: Can I remain Gout free without these herbs?

A: Yes, with a very strict diet, no alcohol consumption, and maintaining a proper weight for you.

Q: What foods should I avoid to stay Gout free if I choose NOT to take your preventive herbal blend?

A: Maintain a diet of low purines at all times. Eat very little meat red or pork, no organ meats at all (Hot dogs, bologna, etc.) Consume no alcohol. Do not eat any fried foods, roasted nuts, or any foods containing of cooked with oil that has been subjected to heat. Avoid rich foods such as cakes and pies. Limit white flour and sugar products in your diet. Avoid the amino acid glycine. Limit your intake of caffeine, cauliflower, dried beans, lentils, fish, eggs, oatmeal, peas, poultry, spinach, and yeast products. If you are overweight, lose excessive pounds but avoid crash diets because they will bring on an attack as well.

Q: I do not want to order over the internet, can I purchase Gout Care elsewhere?

A: At this time GoutCare is only available through our website however we do have a printable order form - go through the order process and at the end you have the option to pay by card OR print out your order and send it with a cheque or postal order.