GoutCare Accreditation


GoutCare is our signature herbal blend. We have assisted people in living a pain free life since its introduction in 1998. GoutCare is absorbed into the body to aid in the removal of stored uric acid.

This powerful herbal blend aids to enhance blood flow and blood purification, stimulate new liver cell growth and protect the liver from toxins. It increases kidney filtration and excretion, increases the production of bile, and boosts the digestive and immune systems. 

All ingredients are organic and pharmaceutical grade. GoutCare is manufactured in the USA by Tishcon Corp under strict FDA guidelines and under Good Manufacturing Practices. It is also GMO free.

TURMERIC (Curcumin)

Description: Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Aids in protecting the liver against toxins.


Description: (80% Standardized Silymarin)
This is a type of flavanoid and one of the most helpful liver protecting substances known.


Description: (Globe Artichoke) Helps in the production of bile, aids in lowering cholesterol, and improves digestion.


Yucca Schidegera (Saponins)
Aids in blood purifying and helps metabolize the minerals and purines in food.


Description:  (Allium Sativum) Helps to detoxify the body and  to protect against infection. Aids in enhancing the immune system, supports lower blood pressure, aids in reducing cholesterol.