GoutCare Accreditation
Friendly Fighters


For years we have strongly recommended that our GoutCare customers should consider taking a good quality Probiotic.

We are delighted to be able to offer you Friendly Fighters an excellent product that is not only room temperature stable, has a great shelf life, is consistent in quality and quantity, and most important of all the Micro Encapsulation has the ability to ensure survival of the friendly bacteria strains through the stomach acids and into the intestines.

About 30% of all uric acid is expelled through the bowels. With the help of Friendly Fighters Probiotics and GC a strong battle against uric acid build-up is provided.

Your Digestive System

Over 70% of your immune system is in your large and small intestines (the GI tract). Do you have enough good bacteria to handle this large task? If not then our breakthrough Probiotic Friendly Fighters will help.

They have a stable shelf life and are able to resist both heat and the stomach acids. They contain a blend of beneficial bacteria which are effective in colonising in the digestive and urinary tracts for optimal health benefits.

What exactly are Probiotics?

As a society we have come to think of bacteria as the enemy, whereas the body is actually reliant on a number of “good” bacterial strains in order to thrive. They help us get more nourishment from our food by processing the vitamins and minerals. They stop the food stagnating in our stomach by breaking down the protein and fat and allow the body to rid itself of waste products and toxins more efficiently.

The good bacteria (intestinal flora) provide a barrier in our GI tract so that any toxins or disease carrying germs are prevented from colonising and causing infection. They also stimulate the body’s own natural defences. The word "Probiotic" literally means "for life" and that is exactly what they do for us - they help promote life.

The intestinal balance is very delicate and there are many things in the Modern World which can affect this balance. These include stress, poor diet, prescription and over the counter medication, bathing and drinking chlorinated water, illness, ageing etc. This in-balance tends to shift the intestinal environment into a more acidic and disease hosting area. In turn this can jeapardise our health. By adding probiotics into your diet you are preventing the build up of the bad bacteria maintaining a alkaline state therefore keeping the immune system healthy.

Very important - Water intake

If you are under a gout attack and are not drinking enough water it may well get worse. When taking the GC capsules the crystals in the joints are being dissolved with the now soluble uric acid entering the blood stream. If you are not properly hydrated then the liver and kidneys cannot filter the “sludgy blood” properly and the uric acid will re-crystallize. You should aim to drink 30% more than you expel. You can check your hydration by looking at the colour of your urine. You are hydrated if it is translucent. You are de-hydrated if it is darker than this.

If you are under an attack when starting the herbal blend it is imperative that you drink the World Health Organisation recommended minimum of about 5 pints (2.75lt) of non chlorinated water to help relieve the attack as quickly as possible. After your attack it is recommended that sedentary people in a temperate climate should continue drinking 2.75 Lts per day and more if exercising or in a hotter climate.

The herbs in GC are a natural diuretic and stop the uric acid from crystallizing in the joints so you must provide the body with a way to flush the uric acid out with the proper water intake.

Special note Non-Chlorinated Water

You can either boil the water and leave to cool. Or leave it in a fridge overnight. Most of the chlorine will have gone and after 48 hours all will be gone.

Micro Encapsulation

This is a special coating of protection for the friendly bacteria in the product in order to insure viability and stomach bypass. Each caplet guarantees you two billion viable cells ready to go to work in your body. Micro-Encapsulation prevents the bacteria being destroyed by the stomach acids.